Hair Removal

Hair Reduction

Pulsar Permanent Hair Reduction – Permanent hair reduction using pulsed light by pulsar.

What is Pulsar Treatment? – £POA
The Pulsar multi-function Intense Pulsed light system is a technological breakthrough that can be effectively, and virtually without pain, treat permanent hair reduction.

How Does It Work?
The Pulsar I.P.L. Treatment works on the basis of selective absorption of light by tissue (photothermolysis.) It is safe and effective, virtually pain free, is fast and has proven clinical results.

What Will the Treatment Be Like?
The procedure is a follows:
1. A trained/clinically certified person will carry out the treatment.
2. The area to be treated is prepared.
3. A clear, hydro-allergenic gel is applied to the cool skin.
4. The Pulsar Applicator is then applied directly to the skin and the selected area is treated via a series of intense bursts of light. Each burst of light represents a 5cm2 treated area.

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Waxing & Threading

PhD  fast efficient and hygienic way of removing unwanted hair.

Full leg and bikini – £32.50
Full Leg – £27.50
3/4 Leg – £22.00
1/2 Leg – 18.00
Bikini line (just inside briefs) £12.75
Brazilian (Majority of hair removed) £19.00
Hollywood – £29.00
Underarm – £11.50
Fore Arm – £11.50
Full Arm – £15.75
Eyebrow £8.50
Lip or Chin £8.50
Sides of face £8.50

Mens Waxing
Back – £28.00
Chest £27.00
Eyebrows – £8.50