Fingers and Toes


Nailtiques without Polish – £9.00

Nailtiques Express with OPI Polish – £12.50

Manicure with OPI Polish – £18.00

Add Gel – £6.00

Removal – £7.00

Nailtique Express Manicure – 15 mins – £11.00
The nail is shaped and cuticles tidied, before applying a treatment basecoat and colour for the perfect finish.

Nailtique Prescriptive Manicure – 30 mins – £16.50
Nails are not all alike… A treatment manicure which analysis and treats each nail for its specific nail type. Cuticles are cared for with oils and creams, the nail shape is perfected and treatment basecoats and colour are applied for the perfect finish until your next visit.

Add long lasting Gel Polish to any of the above £6.00 extra

I.P.L. Fungal Nail Treatment

Excellent Results – No Toxic Drugs – £259 Per Treatment

Our IPL Treatment Technology: The state of the art Pulsar IPL, made in the UK. safe, powerful and does the job. This system costs in excess of £25,000 to buy. So we spare no expense in delivering the best of treatments.

Nail fungus treatment pre-procedure preparation: Remove nail polish from all toes before coming to the salon for your treatment. Avoid using any topical fungus treatments the day of your laser treatment.

Can the fungus return? No matter how you treat your fungal nails, and even if fully resolved, the fungal infection may return if you do not maintain proper care of your feet and nails. BUT if you have eliminated it in the first place then doing this becomes easier.

Will I see immediate results? Results vary among patients and are most visible after the infected nail has grown out.


Toe Cut – £7.50

Express Pedicure – 15 mins – £13.50
The nail is shaped Cuticles tided treatment base coat and colour for the perfect finish.

Pedicure – 45 mins – £19.00
Feet are exfoliated and a luxurious massage leaves feet smooth and soft. Nails are cut and shaped, cuticles are treated hard skin removed prescriptive basecoats are applied before finishing with the perfect polish.

Add long lasting Gel Polish to any of the above £6.00 extra

Removal – £7.00

Calgel Nail Enhancements

This flexible and durable gel system will strengthen and protect your natural nail. This blend of organic chemical compound is unique, does not affect the metabolic action of your own nail and can be easily removed without damage or trauma to your nails.

Full set of extensions – £42.00
Full set with colour gel – £47.00
Full set with French – £47.00
Overlays on natural nails – £22.00
Overlays colour gel – £28.00
Overlays with French – £28.00
Infills from – £20.00
Individual Tips – £4.00
Soak off – £7.00

Full Set Extensions – £34.00
Glitter Full Set Extensions – £35.00
Overlays on Natural Nails – £22.00
Glitter Overlays – £25.00
Infills – £24.00

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Telephone: 01922 456969